Instagram Meetup in Kenya with Photographer Bryan Jaybee

If you’ve worked with us in the recent past, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the ‘Gram. The instagram that is. We love sharing our behind the scenes phots, connecting with cool filmmakers and photographers from around the world, and John loves taking behind-the-scenes photos of our behind-the-scenes Instagram shoots (Instagramception?) 

So it’s not surprising that we connected with Kibera photographer Bryan Jaybee (@KiberaStories) on Instagram when we noticed that some of his photos were in the exact same location in the Kibera Slum that the we’d shot before in 2012.

Fast forward to a 2018 trip to Kenya joined by the amazing photographer Lou Bopp. We found ourselves with a day off and on whim, we messaged Bryan to meet up with him. We’d never met him in person before - and our driver was hesitant to take us to the slum but Brayn told us he’d show us around and to come at daybreak to get the best light — so off we went. 

The morning we met him was a perfect example of the shared language of photography: clashing cultures that came together over a total camera geek-fest with us waving our 5D Mark IV’s around and talking equipment while Bryan led us to the best sunrise spots in Kibera. 

We decided to come back later in the day and do a profile on him and capture how he sees Kirbera and the world around him. We’re working on developing this short documentary now and can’t wait to share it with you. Traveling to new places to explore new stories and make connections with different local filmmakers and photographers is one of our tentpoles as a company. We not only try to capture authentic curiosity, but we live it.

(Photos by Lou Bopp and Devlo Media)

"Getting Reel" at the International Documentary Association Conference
The person who knows how will always have a job; the person who knows why will always be the boss.
— John Maxwell 

This September, John and Kate joined me in Los Angeles to attend the biennial conference “Getting Reel” hosted by the International Documentary Association. This gathering of documentary filmmakers, executives, and creatives offered a unique opportunity for us to get a pulse on the documentary world and explore new forms of content creation and distribution.

While we were there, we were happy to reconnect with our friends at Al-Jazeera Witness who distributed our film Mind Over Battle. We even got to meet up and have dinner with the films subject Javier!

As we hopped from panel to panel, we quickly learned that this years gathering was almost twice as big as year prior. It’s not exactly a surprise — with more and more screens around the  world, the demand for documentary content has exploded. 

Not only have Netflix and other streaming services been spending big bucks developing and promoting their own content, but this year documentaries have held their own at the theaters with the films like Three Identical Strangers, RBG, and Won’t You Be My Neighbor, all far exceeding expeditions at the box office. More recently, the National Geographic documentary Free Solo which opened its limited theatrical run in four cities generated an average of $72,551 per theater on it’s opening weekend — the highest per-screen average for any movie released in the US this year! (It even beat the 2006 favorite, An Inconvenient Truth).  

While funding for documentary films still remains an ever present challenge (there were lots of panels on that), there was a distinct sense at “Getting Real” that we are in the midst of a new golden age for documentary content. So with that, we are rolling up our sleeves and getting back to work!  Or as John likes to say, “let’s go shoot some cool shit! 

-Audrey Emerson

Welcome Audrey Emerson to the Devlo Crew!
Audrey Headshot.jpg

This September we were excited to welcome Audrey Emerson to the Devlo crew, joining us as our full time Producer. Audrey has produced and championed projects for television, documentary film, and social impact for which she has been awarded numerous grants and awards including a Puffin Foundation Grant, a Women in Film Scholarship, and was selected by USC as a Global Scholar Prize Winner for her film With Cancer which was shortlisted for a 2017 Student Academy Award. Before joining Devlo Media, Audrey worked for Creative Visions, a non-profit focused on supporting creative activism. Based in Los Angeles, Audrey solidifies Devlo’s west coast presence and connects us to a talented team of filmmakers, storytellers, and creatives that further elevates our commitment to providing the highest quality film and photography services. 

Photo by Matt Wronski

Kate Kelley