Devlo Media is an award-winning production company that marries serendipity and creativity to create striking images and polished documentary-style films. As filmmakers and photographers we are powered by an unyielding drive to compel and inspire. We capture beautiful and authentic moments that tell captivating stories about individuals and communities across the country and around the world. Our combine technical skills and artistic vision amplify our subjects’ voices and move audiences from film festival screenings to social media platforms.


Whether telling the stories of students at a small and distinctive liberal arts college in rural Vermont or bone jewelry-makers in the Kibera Slum, Kenya, our approach remains the same: we embed ourselves in our subjects’ worlds, building respect and trust in order to discover and share the essence of their unique experience. We collaborate with our clients and partners from the first moments of inspiration through to the development of distribution strategies that ensure our final cut reaches the target audience and motivates them to act.